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  • Domain-hopping torrent site seized, founder arrested

    A joint US-Polish law enforcement operation has led to the arrest of the alleged owner of the piracy-focused BitTorrent links site KickAssTorrents. The US Department of Justice announced yesterday that Ukrainian national Artem Vaulin has been arrested in Poland and…

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  • .web auction to go ahead after ICANN denies Donuts/Radix appeal

    The new gTLD .web seems set to go to auction next week after ICANN rejected an 11th-hour delay attempt by two applicants. ICANN’s Board Governance Committee said yesterday that there is no evidence that applicant Nu Dot Co has been…

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  • One and two-letter .at domains coming soon

    Nic.at will next month start selling .at domains shorter than three character domains for the first time. All one-character and two-character domains will be released, the ccTLD registry said, about 5,000 domains in total. The released domains include those containing…

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  • ICANN to flip the secret key to the internet

    ICANN is about to embark on a year-long effort to warn the internet that it plans to replace the top-level cryptographic keys used in DNSSEC for the first time. CTO David Conrad told DI today that ICANN will rotate the…

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  • Donuts joins fight to delay .web gTLD auction with emergency appeal

    Donuts and Radix have filed an “emergency” appeal with ICANN in an attempt to get the forthcoming auction for the .web gTLD delayed. The companies, both of which have applied for .web, say they have evidence that one of their…

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  • Cruz’s ICANN paranoia is now official Republican policy

    US Republicans have endorsed hitherto fringe views on the IANA transition as official party policy. Yesterday delegates at the Republican National Convention approved the party’s 2016 Platform of the party, which “declares the Party’s principles and policies”. Internet policy takes…

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