What is a dotBrand?

A “dotBrand” is a top-level-domain which allows a brand-holder to operate its own registry at the root of the Internet. Companies from different industries applied for their dotBrands in 2012 and over 550 are now live, providing a trusted space where brand owners have complete control of the domain allocation that supports their business. More organisations are expected to apply for their own dotBrand in the future via ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Community & Events

The BRG and its members participate in many events globally every year. We host and co-sponsor workshops, panels and networking across the domain-name industry. We create a space where our members can share expertise and experiences.

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The BRG is an association of brand owners who have been delegated one or more dotBrand top-level domain registries. We also have associated members who intend to apply to operate a dotBrand registry in the future.

Joining the BRG allows organisations access to some of the top experts in the domain name industry—people who are knowledgeable in launching and operating dotBrand registries. We share information and “war stories”, and help promote and advocate the use of dotBrand domain names. The BRG organises and participates in a number of events for and on behalf of its members. Many of our events and activities are also open to prospective new members and the public.

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The BRG supports members and their dotBrand registries.

The BRG is well placed to help its members develop, launch and operate their new top-level brand domains. We lead on best practice for dotBrand operations and provide information, use cases and lessons learned for a dotBrand business.

This is new territory for many dotBrands. The BRG has information and links to analysis of dotbrand domain name launches, trends and new developments. Our Best Practice Resource Guide can help with operational tips and a review of common issues. We can help you think about how to market your dotBrand within your organisation.

Let us help you with best practice for your dotBrand registry and stay at the forefront of the domain name industry.

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The BRG represents and promotes its members’ interests as dotBrand owners.

As an association the BRG speaks with a unique voice representing brand owners across the globe. We work to improve and develop domain name policies and operational practices in support of BRG members’ dotBrand registries.

Find out more about changing ICANN policies, the multistakeholder model, key groups you can be involved in, and recent policy developments. Get information from BRG experts. Better understand the policy development process that is relevant to dotBrands.

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