ICANN Initiates Operational Design Phase for Next Round

ICANN starts the Operational Design Phase for the next round of New gTLDs. The Board initiates $9m planning and assessment process.

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Join us at ICANN72 for our re-focused session "Getting to the Next Round” where we will be talking to our guests Nigel Hickson, Mike Silber, Deborah Atta-Flynn and Tony Kirsch…

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ICANN68, held 22-25 June, was the second remote ICANN meeting and the first Virtual Policy Forum - the shortest meeting of the year - focused on progressing ICANN’s policy work.…

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20/20 Dot Brand Vision – Webinar Series

What's been happening in the dotBrand industry this year? How does a global company migrate their core digital landscape across to their dotBrand Top-Level Domain? How do you…

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Brands & Domains 2019 – The Growing Success & Evolution of dotBrands

With our highest attendance, rich content and an enjoyable networking dinner, Brands & Domains 2019 was a great way to end a busy week. Find out more here.

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The BRG and members attended ICANN66 in Montréal in November. Leadership changes, progress on policy development and New gTLDs, tackling DNS abuse and evolving the…

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Brands & Domains 2019

We have a great line up of speakers and content for Brands & Domains 2019. Hear from JP Morgan Chase, Google, Sky, HSBC and others as they talk about their dotBrand experiences.…

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GDD Industry Summit 2019

Highlights of the GDD Summit. This event continues to provide the opportunity to bring together contracted parties to discuss issues, especially more practical, operational…

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BRG @ ICANN64 – Highlights

These meetings are a central principle of ICANN's multi-stakeholder model, providing a venue for progressing policy work, conducting outreach, exchanging best practices and…

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LAC Registry Operations Workshop – Sao Paulo

The BRG led a strategy workshop for dotBrand operators in Latin America & Caribbean at their regional registry training event in Sao Paulo, hosted by ICANN's Regional Engagement…

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