BRG President Asks Why Isn't ICANN Ready For New gTLD Round?

BRG President, Heath Dixon, wrote to ICANN Board to ask why ICANN isn’t ready for the next round of new gTLDs.


Considering the Sub Pro PDP WG completed its work at the start of the year and after ICANN Org began preparatory work two years ago, why hasn’t more progress been made?

The BRG, following it’s panel session asking what ICANN can do to help prepare new gTLD applicants, recommended the Board consider:

  1. Instruct ICANN Org to issue a Preliminary Applicant Guidebook – potential applicants are not seeking a perfect version, they seek directional guidance to begin the internal conversations that prepare them for an application for a new gTLD in the near future. This should not be complicated but should be based on the existing AGB, incorporating the additional processes adopted in the last round, such as Specification 13 and Public Interest Commitments, that have been affirmed and carried forward in the Subsequent Procedures outputs.
  1. Commit to holding a new round of gTLD applications – begin now to raise awareness and reach out to organisations and underserved regions. This will maximise the time to communicate globally and support the goals of bringing the next billion users to the Internet and increasing the use of local languages and scripts.
  2. Provide a sensible timeline for the next application window – this enables potential applicants to assess, plan and be ready to execute an application.

The BRG looks forward to seeing strong progress towards opening the next round of new gTLDs and preparing the path for new entrants.


Read the full correspondence HERE