ICANN GDD Summit - Richmond, BC

14-17 May 2018


The Global Domains Division (GDD) of the ICANN organisation held its fourth annual Industry Summit in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Over 400 people attended from over 32 countries, with dozens more participating remotely. Many of the sessions had a GDPR focus, including both the operational and technical aspects of implementing ICANN’s Temporary Specification. There were several sessions dedicated to dotBrands.

The brand tracks were received well with great participation from BRG members. Positive feedback was received in terms of the content and format, and particularly the number of brands participating directly. Other benefits highlighted by members included the focus on business and commercial aspects to support internal engagement, especially the low risk ways in which a dotBrand could be begin to be utilised with vanity domains/redirects. 

In the session with GDD Staff, there was a helpful discussion of CZDS issues for dotBrands that was spearheaded by Peter LaMantia and referenced the output from the recent BRG survey. Peter highlighted the fact that whilst domains can be found on the DNS, the CZDS provides real-time access to brand domains, product names, strategies and network details, something which some members have been concerned with and in some cases, has prevented certain use cases from being implemented. With the original CZDS requirements emerging from the Security and Stability Advisory Committee some years ago, it was considered helpful to engage with the SSAC and see whether these dated requirements were still appropriate following the introduction of dotBrand models. The BRG’s Registry Operations & Best Practices Committee will continue to focus on this initiative.

ICANN’s recap of the event is available here and they have also published the results of the participant survey intended to help improve future GDD Industry Summits. The survey results and comments during the wrap-up session indicate that the multi-track format was a positive improvement.

The recordings for all GDD sessions are available here – https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/gdd-summit-session-recordings-2018-05-15-en

The 2019 GDD Summit will be held in Asia and ICANN is currently identifying a suitable venue and planning for the event will begin at the upcoming ICANN62 meeting. Input from the BRG will be important and will leverage the positive aspects of the separate tracks, hearing directly from brands and ensuring that remote participation is available for each of the sessions.