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Upcoming Industry Events for your Calendar/Diary

ICANN 65 (Marrakech, Morocco)
24-27 June, 2019
Policy Forum. This four day meeting is focused on current policy development work, outreach and daily opportunities to network with the community.

ICANN 66 (Montreal, Canada)
2-7 November, 2019
The final ICANN meeting of 2019 which includes the 21st Annual General Meeting. This seven-day meeting will be focused on outreach, capacity building, and showcasing ICANN’s work to a broader global audience.

Brands & Domains 2019 (Montreal, Canada)
7 November, 2019
Brands & Domains 2019 will be held in Montréal to coincide with ICANN66. The event is organised by the Brand Registry Group and will focus on how dotBrand registries are being used, the strategies behind them and how organisations could operate and innovate using these platforms.  You will find more details of the event and be able to register here.

GDD Summit (Bangkok, Thailand)
6-9 May, 2019
The GDD Industry Summit provides contracted parties an opportunity to engage and address issues of mutual interest and importance. Highlights, including the brand track sessions, are available here.

ICANN 64 (Kobe, Japan)
9-14 March, 2019
The first ICANN meeting of 2019 was the Community Forum, scheduled over 6 days. Highlights of the meeting can be found here.

Brands & Domains 2018 (Barcelona, Spain)
25 October 2018
Brands & Domains 2018 will be held to coincide with ICANN63 in Barcelona. The event, organised by the Brand Registry Group, will focus on how dotBrand registries are being used, the strategies behind them and how to operate and innovate these platforms for your own organisation. More details are available here.

ICANN 63* (Barcelona, Spain)
20-26 October 2018
The final ICANN meeting of 2018 which is the 20th Annual General Meeting. This seven-day meeting will be focused on outreach, capacity building, and showcasing ICANN’s work to a broader global audience.

ICANN62 was the Policy Forum and second ICANN meeting of the year.  The focus of the meeting was on current policy development work, outreach and opportunities to network with the community.

More details are available here.

The Global Domains Division (GDD) of the ICANN organisation held its fourth annual Industry Summit in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Over 400 people attended from over 32 countries, with dozens more participating remotely. Many of the sessions had a GDPR focus, including both the operational and technical aspects of implementing ICANN’s Temporary Specification. There were several sessions dedicated to dotBrands, led by the Brand Registry Group.


Highlights of the GDD Summit can be found here.

  • New Chairs takeover for the ICANN Board, GAC and GNSO.
  • GDPR, GDPR, GDPR – the train is coming but is ICANN ready to board?
  • ICANN’s FY19 Budget and plans to shore up the reserves.
  • Subsequent Procedures – realisation of timelines before future new gTLD applications.
  • A walk in the shoes of a New gTLD Registry Operator – success viewed in different ways.
  • The GAC provides no additional information to ICANN Board for .amazon.
  • Remote access services disrupted following security concerns.

More details are available here

ICANN’s 2017 Annual General Meeting, their largest of the year, included 325 public meetings and 1900 attendees.

Various leadership changes for the ICANN Board, Government Advisory committee (GAC) and other constituency groups were announced during the meeting. Significant changes included Cherine Chalaby, replacing Dr. Steve Crocker as chair of the ICANN Board; and Heather Forrest, elected as chair of the GNSO Council, which is responsible for the policy development for gTLDs.

During the week of ICANN 60 meeting Amazon met with the GAC to discuss a way forward with their dotBrand applications following the Independent Review Panel recommendations.

The BRG hosted an Open Session for the ICANN community to learn more about dotBrand registries developments and how the dotBrand model differs from traditional commercial registries.

For all public meetings held during ICANN 60, including the BRG’s Open Session, transcripts and/or recordings are available on the ICANN60 website.

The second Brands & Domains event took place in The Haque, 2-3 October 2017 and received extremely positive feedback from attendees, participants and sponsors. The BRG had a significant presence, with representation from HSBC, Sky, IEEE, KPMG, Neustar, Shell, Sony and Honda. Other brands attending included CERN and ERNI, along with consultants that support multiple brands.

Feedback from brands included:

“Not only did I make new friends and business contacts, but the opportunity to network and talk about strategies, business ROI, domain industry issues, etc. was very beneficial for me. I came away with a new appreciation of the potential for brand TLDs to enable organisational transformation.”

Some of the presentations can be accessed here.

The Global Domain Division Summit took place in Madrid 9-11 May 2017. This meeting enabled direct and one-on-one engagement with members of ICANN’s GDD team. The BRG hosted two successful brand sessions with each session attracting 50-60 attendees as well as remote participants.

The first session—Engaging with ICANN and GDD for New Registries— included a constructive debate regarding the need for dotBrands to provide CZDS access, and practical topics such as ICANN invoicing delays and errors.

The second session focused on using Brand TLDs for marketing and the importance of internal engagement.

Recordings and presentations from the GDD Summit are now available on the dedicated space on the ICANN website.

How the BRG can help you connect with others in the industry

The BRG provides you with access to peers across different sectors, all with an interest in operating and developing their dotBrand registries. Networking opportunities with BRG members, ICANN community, governments and industry specialists is greatly appreciated by our members.

Members enjoy access to events & workshops organised by the BRG or in partnership with related industry organisations. These are often free or at discounted rates for members.