What is a dotBrand?

Why apply for a dotBrand?

Developing a dotBrand Strategy & Business Case

How to use a dotBrand

The Importance of an Internal Stakeholder Team

Testimonials from dotBrands Operators


What is the process to apply?

What preparation is required?

What services will I need?

Budget requirements

What is a Registry Agreement and my obligations with ICANN?

What does Specification 13 provide for dotBrands?

Technical requirements

Financial requirements

Special requirements, e.g. Internationalised Domains Names (IDNs)

Delegation & Launch

What is a TLD delegation and IANA?

Pre-delegation testing requirements

Launch planning

Rights Protection Mechanisms

Reserved Names



Operations & Development

Registry Operations Guide

ICANN Reporting

Compliance and audits

ICANN policy changes

Use cases

Universal Acceptance

Operating your dotBrand in China