What ICANN Should Do Now to Help Future Applicants of New gTLDs

The BRG published an article on CircleID highlighting the key messages from the BRG Panel session at ICANN71 to give ICANN Board a clear way forward to help new gTLD applicants.


During ICANN71, the Brand Registry Group (BRG) openly asked potential future applicants what ICANN can do to help prepare them for the next gTLD round (Recording here). The answer was very clear — commit to opening the next round and provide as much information as possible early on.


ICANN now needs to deliver. It’s been ten years since the last round of applications, and in that time, we’ve seen new businesses formed and grown to a global scale, such as Uber, which has grown from a small US business to one which now operates across 10,000 cities globally. ICANN must avoid stifling competition and limiting innovation by denying newcomers the opportunity to apply for new gTLDs.


The BRG has again delivered these messages to the Board in its latest letter, recommending they:

  • Commit to the next round of new gTLDs
  • Prepare and issue a preliminary AGB as soon as possible
  • Provide a realistic timeframe for the next round (as an output of the Operational Design Phase)


This is a sensible way forward, not only for newcomers but also for ICANN, which was criticized for its lack of outreach and awareness in preparation for the last application round in 2012 and will show that ICANN has responded effectively to lessons learned.


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